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South Dakota



Last Chance Bar 1023 S. Main St. 225-4800 Soft


Jim's Tap 309 Main Ave 605-692-2833 Soft


Bill's Bar 8th and Main 605-775-9186 Soft


Mustang Sally's 634 Main St 578-2025 Soft


Silver Star Lounge 322 Main St 584-3285 Soft


American Legion Club 120 Main St. 605-845-2467 Soft
Fireside Supper Club 619 W. Grand Crossing 605-845-2936 Soft
Last Chance Liquors 712 W. Grand Crossing 605-845-5555 Soft
Moose Lodge Shore Acres Hi-way 12 605-845-3637 Soft
The Pour House 203 Main St. 605-845-3006 Soft
Silver Dollar Saloon 205 Main St. 605-845-2355 Soft
Windjammer Sports Bar 820 W. Grand Crossing 605-845-3641 Soft

Rapid City

The Retired Enlisted Association 1981 East Centre Stree 605-341-8791 Both

Sioux City:

Karla's Last Kall Hwy 44 605-452-3400 Soft


Chalkys 9 W. Main St 605-624-7611 Both


Karla`s Last Kall Hwy 44 605-452-3400 Soft

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