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Dead Freddie's Harford Rd 254-8373 Both
Firehouse Tavern Joppa Rd 661-3555 Steel
Glory Days Sports Bar O'Donnell St 256-2590 Steel
Hazelwood Inn Hazelwood Ave 866-3116 Steel
Hubcap Inn Belair Rd 325-3450 Steel
Islander Inn Cuckold Point Rd 288-3321 Steel
J.R.Tees Myrth Ave 686-9747 Steel
J.T.'s Saloon Belair Rd 444-1633 Steel
J.Ray's Cafe S. Carey St 727-4003 Steel
Lear's II O'Donnell St 327-7525 Steel
Victory Tavern Hanover St 385-1203 Steel


Loafer's Lounge 6518 Baltimore National Pike (Rt. 40) 410-744-3434 Steel


Bird River Inn Bird River Rd 335-2993 Steel


Columbia Ale House formerly 8775 Cloudleap Court 410-730-7221 Steel


Eye's Lounge York Rd 667-0774 Steel


Niko's Pub & Dart Club 335 Main Street 410-968-1797 Soft


Buttermilk Tavern 6100 Washington Blvd. 410-796-4362 Steel


Buffalo Wings & Beer 1438 Liberty Rd 410-552-3363 Steel

Ellicott City:

Golden Sports Bar 8801 Baltimore National Pike 410-480-2994 Steel


Alpenhof 137 N. Market St 662-2866 Steel
Belles 1202 East Patrick St 696-9623 Steel
Buffalo Wings & Beer 5 Willowdale Dr 301-698-0100 Steel
Callahans 1808 Rosemont Ave 698-9596 Steel
Charleys Place 5843 Urabana Pike   Steel
Griffs Landing 43 S. Market St 620-0321 Steel
Jug Bridge Seafood 9009 Baltimore Rd 620-1092 Steel
McGurks 304 S. Jefferson St 694-7002 Steel
Mel's Airport Inn 10034 Hansonville Rd 898-7003 Steel
Mixers Lounge 5400 Holiday Drive 694-7500 Steel
Olde Towne Tavern 325 N. Market St 695-1454 Steel
Owls Club 316 S. Jefferson St 698-9797 Steel
Sig's Hideaway 140-D W. Patrick St 662-0882 Steel
Tully's 1080 W. Patrick St 694-2626 Steel


Buffalo Billiards 227 E. Diamond St   Steel
Buffalo Wings & Beer 8035 Snouffer School Rd 301-208-1900 Steel

Glen Burnie:

Brewster's Too E. Furnace Branch Rd 760-5239 Steel


Rock's Place 4226 Jefferson Pike 371-4445 Steel


Nuzbacks 14405 Baltimore Avenue (Route 1) 301-725-9820 Steel


Buffalo Wings & Beer 40845 Merchants Lane 301-475-2711 Steel


Pumphrey's Tavern Veteran's Hwy 987-4233 Steel

Mt Airy:

Mt Airy Brewing Co. 233 S. Main St 829-9826 Steel

New Market:

Mills On The Hill 10519 Old National Pike 865-3354 Steel

Ocean City:

The Greene Turtle 11601 Coastal Highway 410-723-2120  


Harmony's Bar & Grill 1232 E. Mount Harmony Road   Soft


Upper Deck Rt. 13 South 957-3166 Soft


Buffalo Wings & Beer 5240 Randolph Rd 301-770-7444 Steel
Champion Billiards 1776 E. Jefferson St 301-231-4949  


Ram's Head Tavern 8600 Foundry St. 301-604-3454 Steel

Silver Spring:

Buffalo Wings & Beer 15412 New Hampshire Ave 301-879-4900 Steel


Woodsboro Tavern 10730 Woodsboro Pike 898-3130 Steel

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