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District of Columbia


Washington DC:

Angles 2339 18th St N.W. 462-8100  
Atomic Billiards 3427 Connecticut Ave N.W. 363-7665  
Bedrock Billiards 1841 Columbia Rd NW 202-667-7665  
Breadsoda 2233 Wisconsin Ave. NW 202-333-7445 Steel
Caffney's 5521 Colorado Ave N.W. 726-9768  
Cue Bar 1115 U Street NW 202-332-7665 Steel
Geaorgetwon Bar & Billiards 3251 Prospect Street NW 202-965-7665 Steel
Ireland's Four Provinces 3412 Connecticut Ave N.W. 202-244-0860  
James Mackey 1823 L St. N.W. 232-1823  
Lulu's New Orleans Cafe 1217 22nd Street NW 202-452-1966  
The Malt Shop 4611 Wisconsin Ave N.W. 244-9733  
Mickey's Patio 406 8th St S.E. 544-4842  
Nanny O'Briens 3319 Connecticut Ave N.W. 202-686-9189  
Stetson's 1610 U St. N.W. 667-6295  

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